Dylan’s adventures on Instagram

Dylan is activity using his Instagram just now, he was taking alot of photos of things  in our friend John’s house.


Dylan’s first few Instagram posts!

My laptop broke today, though I’ve been meaning to get a new laptop for a while as it keeps breaking and my r and y keys don’t work on my laptop anyway. Going to pop into John Lewis tomorrow to have a lookie. Also since it broke haven’t done as much work as I wanted to (done like nothing today). However did take photos of Flagstones for a upcoming report due on the 18th. I’m currently in the university’s library (listening to Hilary Duff’s Fly (classic!)) just now so hopefully will get work done tonight.

Have my first driving tomorrow in a month since failing my driving test. Feeling nervous but I’m sure that’s normal if you haven’t had a lesson since failing. Got my next test in January, feeling more at ease since I know what I mucked up on and what to expect in the actual test.

Kpop band BLACKPINK released two m/vs (music videos) today ahead of their new album SQUARE TWO which is released tomorrow! Woo! Also Lucifer will be on tv tomorrow and excited if Chloe will actually be shown Lucifer’s devil face (hopefully it will happen soon).

Okies, I think that’s all!


Natalie Xx


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