What A Big Laptop!

So as the title says I got a new laptop as I was in need of another one, it wouldn’t switch on and the R and the Y keys didn’t work. So Dylan and I went o our local John Lewis in search of a new one. I was stuck between two different ones the Dell one and a Lenovo one, however I had previously heard the Lenovo brand wasn’t great and that I think made me hold back and therefore get the Dell one. The Laptop is the Inspiron 17 5000 series 17.3″.


Though typically I use my John Lewis credit card and forget the pin and put in the wrong pin twice and then I had to tell the poor lady I’d phone my mum and ask her to locate the letter that that the pin number on it (she had no luck). We ended up having to leave John Lewis and head back to mines, locate the pin then head back into town. Eventually we managed to successfully purchase the laptop. Dylan put the laptop in the car and then I went to Boots to get a new compact mirror as my mirrors keep falling out my old one.

We went to Pret for a late lunch and had their AMAZING Souper tomato soup (dairy and gluten free) in the new side soup size and the duck and hoisin wrap. We then ended up back in Boots to get pumpkin seed butter and Dylan bought XLS Medical Fat Binder (please say if you guys think it’ll work). He is going to see if it will work for him and if not I wont try it but if it does I’ll try the sachets as I have difficulty swallowing tablets.

Dylan and I are hoping to lose some weight and eat a bit healthier and cleaner, and hopefully we stick at it.

Sorry for the lack of posts!

Natalie Xx






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