Chasing leaves!

So as I type the fireworks display at Aberdeen Beach has been cancelled due to the terrible Scottish weather. You’d think that they would be rescheduled right? Well you would be wrong, Aberdeen City Council have decided due to not reschedule them due to ‘time and costs’. Luckily for us we hadn’t planned to see the fireworks anyway due to the weather being terrible. So we just sat in bed playing Risk which is our new way to relax, highly recommended the game if you like strategy games.

It was busier than usual at work, everyone starting to Xmas shop now. Dylan and I had Pret food for lunch was sooo good!! and lovely Kayla that works there gave me a pecan slice there on the house! 😀 Which was much appreciated so I owe her one!



Free Pecan Slice!! ❤

Dylan and I also enjoyed a Dim Sum lunch at the Manchurian Restaurant, we shared 5 different kinds of Dim Sum between us and it came to a reasonable price of £16.50 (£3.30 each), we had egg yolk buns (not actually egg yolk but like a sweet custard), char sui buns (roast pork), pork and crab dumplings, mixed meat dumplings and king prawn dumplings. Our favourites were the char shui, egg yolk and the pork and crab ones, yummy yummy!

We were walking through dogs and I just randomly started to kick the autumnal leaves. Milo just went crazy and started to chase all the leaves and tried to catch and eat them! He got so hyper, and we just kept throwing the leaves about and he got so happy! We’ve never seen a dog quite like Milo, he’s a very unique and odd dog that fits in to our odd family very well.

Dylan and I just finished watching Planet Earth 2, we saw some of our favourite animals Sloths, Penguins and Lemurs it was great to see it come back after 10 years and there’s nothing better than a David Attenborough Documentary!

Night for now

Natalie Xx

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