Haven’t been to Thaikhun in Union Square for a while, the setup of the restaurant gives me a great homesick feeling with the little basket things and the way the tables are set plus Dylan is pleased to use the fork and spoon Thai style.


Gai Satay served with a sweet vegetable pickle and a peanut sauce.

We had Thai prawn crackers & sweet chilli sauce and Gai Satay (สะเต๊ะไก่) or Chicken Satay which was served with a sweet vegetable pickle and traditional peanut sauce and lightly toasted bread. It tasted like the satay back in Thailand and the pickle was soo good, the pickle is a lovely sweet vinegar that isn’t like the traditional British vinegar that you would get here. For drinks Dylan just had an orange juice and water and I had Thai style Iced Green Tea.

While we were in Thaikhun we spoke about the pictures of the Thai Royal Family and how we had seen the same photographs at Suvarnabhumi Airport (ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ) and at our Thai house.

For mains Dylan had his favourite Thai meal Kao Ka Prao Gai (ผัดกระเพราไก่)/ Thai Basil Chicken with a Fried Egg.


Dylan and his Kao Ka Prao Gai

I had Pad Thai Gai (ผัดไทย)/ Pad Thai with Chicken which was okay, though I probably should of went for Tom Kha Gai (ต้มข่าไก่)/ Chicken Coconut Soup with a side of jasmine rice. However for some stupid reason I didn’t go for that and I didn’t finish the Pad Thai but I took it home and my mum ate it and enjoyed it so it was fine.


Chicken Pad Thai

We both were stuffed so we didn’t get dessert but next time we will!

Dylan’s Scoring:

Service: 7/10, “The staff were friendly, I like that they tried to speak a little Thai. The service could of been slightly better if they’d been around more to give me more juice as I wanted more juice.”

Food: 7/10, “The satay was okay and the peanut sauce was pretty good and the fact you could dip the bread, I thought that was quite neat. The Kao Ka Prao Gai was pretty good, tasted quite nice, wasn’t far off an authentic Kao Ka Prao Gai but in general its dumbed down for the Western Palette”

Natalie’s Scoring:

Service: 7/10, “The service was fine, I agree with Dylan that I like how the staff speak some Thai to the customers and they could of hovered around the table more.”

Food: 7/10, “The satay was pretty filling so by the time the main courses came I was basically pretty much full, the Pad Thai tasted fine and no bad thing to really say about it as I just wasn’t that hungry. The chicken satay was really good and I really enjoyed the Thai Iced Green Tea and the pickle that came with the satay. Next time we go I’ll definitely have the Tom Kha Gai.”

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