Hold onto your seatbelts folks

Allow me to introduce myself ,

I’m Dylan. I’m from Aberdeen, studying Geology and Petroleum Geology. I’m 21 and loving life, so let me tell you about what I got up to today:

I didn’t sleep that great and I woke up at around 9.30am (haven’t been sleeping that great these past few nights) probably due to stress about organising my up coming mapping project and other university deadlines due. My group and I are planning to hopefully go to the Isle of Skye but we wont find out till at least next term in January.

I decided to try press through season 7 of The Walking Dead and finally managed to get caught up before I had a shower in my powerless shower and take Natalie down to university for 11am. As I mentioned earlier I’ve had some deadlines due and I spent my time in the library finishing off my GIS assignment for a geography course I’m also taking. Geography is nothing like they teached you in secondary school, it is soo crap at university and dull. GIS stands for geographical information systems by the way (yes it truly is as dull as it sounds).

Once Natalie was finished her lecture we went to the hub on campus and she got herself a brie and cranberry wrap, a milky way roll, Walkers tomato sauce crisps  (its funny cause her nickname from time to time is tomato sauce) and a “rubicon sparkling guava” (had to ask her that, also doesn’t it sound so fancy). I didn’t get heehaw cause a) im skint and don’t get paid till monday and b) wasn’t that hungry to be fair.

I was meeting my group at 2pm so in the meantime once Natalie was finished her lunch and I’d amazingly completed my final assessment due for this semester, we went to her house so she could drop off her things.

Fact of the day – I don’t particularly have fond feelings for traffic wardens so was pleased that while my parking expired while we were down at uni, I didn’t get a ticket (Woo!)

We then headed back down, having a good discussion with my mapping group about where we wanted to go and which areas were at the no.1,2 and 3 spots.

I GOT ICE CREAM! To be fair me and Natalie did from the Baskin & Robbins counter (I got cookies and cream, one of my favourites, and natalie got caramel cheesecake flavour I think). Didn’t give me looseness (I’ve recently taken a habit off of ol Nat where particular foods seem to have a very fun effect on my bowels *insert oh god not bowel talks Dylan*)

Once we finished organising our groups plans at the hub we took Louise and Jordan with us so she could get dropped off at work and Jordan back to his home (man’s got a fine bum, also both are authors on Natalie’s blog if you wanna give a read to any of their material).

Upon dropping Sir Jordan off we proceeded to travel post haste to Natalie’s home once again so we could kill time before we headed off to Royal Thai at 29 Crown Terrace (not endorsing, just saying) to have a meal out with my mum and dad.

The meal was good, Natalie mentions what we had in her blog post so I wont go into great detail but the food was excellent and would thoroughly recommend you all go.

We dropped my parents off home after being stuffed and been at Natalie’s since just relaxing and writing this blog post

Update as of 10:20pm – Got an email from a lecturer giving me more details on the Isle of Skye so I’m very pleased that developments are happening.

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed what I wrote for you good people and stay tuned.






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