The Royal Thai

Tonight Dylan, his parents (Lorna & Gordon) and myself went to the Royal Thai on 29 Crown Terrace, I’ve only been there once before but I was very impressed. The table was booked for 6:30pm so sadly we had to pay for parking (pay to park is till 8pm).

For starter I had chicken satay which if you read our Thaikhun review then you’ll already know it’s my favourite. Dylan didn’t want a starter however Gordon had spicy short ribs and Lorna had chicken spring rolls which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.


Starters: Chicken Spring Rolls (left), Chicken Satay (middle) & Short Ribs (right)

For mains I had Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup) with jasmine rice, Dylan had chilli soft shell crab with a side of pak choi (Chinese vegetable) and his mum had teriyaki chicken with a side of egg fried rice and his dad had a weeping tiger steak with a side of coconut rice.

We all had dessert, Lorna (Dylan’s mum) had a dark chocolate mousse (had Tia Maria, coffee and whiskey in the mousse) with a white chocolate mousse centre, Gordon (Dylan’s dad) had a coconut ice cream which was funnily enough in half a coconut shell and I had a mango & passionfruit meringue roulade and Dylan had a blackcurrant cheesecake (vanilla cheesecake topped with blackcurrants)


The staff was friendly, pleasant and remembered us from the only previous time we had been there. There are no complaints about the staff that work there as they are very friendly and encourage Dylan and myself to speak more Thai. The food was delicious as always and no faults whatsoever.

Would highly recommend this restaurant!

Dylan’s Food Score: 8.5/10, “The crab was fantastic albeit quite spicy, my mum’s chicken was also quite delicious and my pak choi while tasty could of been a bit more flavoursome.”

Dylan’s Service Score: 8.5/10, “It was funny speaking Thai to the staff-they seemed to enjoy it. Wish they had hung about a bit more so I could get more water as my mouth was on fire at times. Other than that good people.”

Natalie’s Food Score: 9/10, “All the food was  absolutely delicious and the only thing I would say is I wish there was a bigger serving bowl for the Tom Kha Gai soup!”

Natalie’s Service Score: 10/10, “Lovely staff, all very friendly and very helpful. Overall no negatives.”

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