The Walking Dead, finally caught up

Today I finally have gotten to the current episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead. If you have not already watched The Walking Dead I strongly urge you to see it. I’m aware that its available on Fox, Amazon Video (only seasons 1-5, though you can buy seasons 6 and 7) and possibly Netflix.

The Walking Dead follows the life of rick grimes and his family as they try to survive in a world thats been plagued by the undead. That simple description does not do justice for what its about. It stars Andrew Lincoln who plays rick grimes, Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon and a whole host of other fantastic actors and actresses.

I got hooked on the show when I was at work one Sunday not too long ago and seen a sneak clip on Snapchat to do with how the group has dealt with current bad guy Negan bashing some of the groups heads in (SPOILERS: Abraham and Glenn). From then I’ve had the blessing of seeing this show since the beginning and it’s been soo good. The performances each of the actors gives is incredible, choreography as well is brilliant.

My other recommendations include:

The Grand Tour (great laughs galore), Mr Robot (Rami Malek is incredible as a dysfunctional elliot), House of Cards (Absolutely everything about this is fantastic), Breaking Bad (I was late in watching this but what a spectacular show, get this watched if you’re trying to fill that empty television void in your life)

Im currently also watching The Missing with Natalie. There’s a character in it called Julien Baptiste and he’s soo good, such a great detective and the mystery this show brings keeps you literally gripped and on the edge of your seat.

I will try keep more informal reviews coming on further shows ive managed to see but for now stay tuned.







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