Books, Books and more Books

Hey everyone, I’m Louise and you’ve just entered my domain.

This section is mine (all mine!), and I have the space to write and gush over books and fictional characters and review all things bookish and I’m super excited. Books and literature are my passion and I’m a sucker for a pretty book or the perfect book series.

When I’m not fussing over books (which isn’t all that often) I do study. I’m currently a student of geography in my third year at Aberdeen University. It’s almost entirely uninteresting and I’m just persevering on until the end. Besides that, I’m a trainee manager at Mcdonald’s and I don’t entirely hate it, which is always a plus. Originally, I’m from just outside Glasgow, where my family all stay, so I’m a little away from home and just a tad out of my comfort zone but it’s fine.

I’m procrastinating today. I’m trying to finish an essay, shower and be ready to leave for work in… less than two hours which most definitely will not happen but I’m doing what I can. My essay is on an interesting topic for a change, it’s on the Conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and the need to up to conservation to preserve and protect the rapidly declining ecosystem. I said it was interesting to me, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Anyway, less procrastinating and more doing! Watch this space for all things book related and some pretty pictures of pretty books!

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