The New Additions

As you may have seen there have been new authors on this blog, Louise (, Jordan & Dylan.

Jordan and Louise are friends of ours and they’re the cutest couple ever! Jordan is studying Bsc Petroleum Geology & Geology with Dylan and I though he is in Dylan’s year along with Louise. Louise is studying Geography as she really didn’t enjoy Geology in 1st year of university. Hopefully you guys will see some more posts from them in the future!


Jordan & Louise

Other than the new authors on this page Dylan and I bought two little freshwater frogs (so they won’t get lonely) for our aquarium. Sadly our other frog passed away a couple of weeks ago.


Can you spot the frog?

My first and only exam is next Wednesday so I’m busy revising so sorry for the lack of posts. In other news I’m going to get my hair cut as it’s extremely long (more than half way down my back) and the plan is to get it cut between my shoulders and preboob in length. My hair is just getting difficult and annoying to maintain and it’s like a chore.

Dylan and I saw the Christmas Village on Union Street and it seemed bigger and slightly better than last year. However the village seemed to be full of all the samey types of food throughout the market (hot dogs, burgers, fudge and alcohol) though there is a helter-skelter this year which is new.

Yesterday at work Dylan and I went to lunch at Pret and they had cool wrapped up sandwiches which is part of their Xmas line (veggie xmas sandwich & the turkey dinner sandwich). For some reason I switched my wrapped sandwich for a non wrapped one and Dylan ended up getting his wrapped up one for free!! I also discovered an AMAZING cookie from Pret which is their Chocolate Praline Cookie and in the centre is liquid Nutella which any chocolate lover will really enjoy!


Pret’s wrapped up sandwiches- Green (Pret’s Veggie Christmas Lunch), Red (Pret’s Christmas Lunch)

In the last couple of days Dylan and I have talked marriage, living together and babies. Hopefully in the next couple of years we’ll live together as we really feel that’s the next step. We want to buy a place and get a mortgage as opposed to renting somewhere as we’re talking in the long term and the rent is ridiculously high in Aberdeen so we’re probably better off buying somewhere. Many people think we’re too young to be thinking ahead at things like marriage, kids and a mortgage but to us it just feels natural that this is our next step as we’ve been together for so long.

With the winter blues happening this time of the year and the stress of the Christmas shop, money and exams.We’re all looking at ways to relax a little- hot baths, massages, hugs from puppies and just being with loved ones. Dylan and I’s favourite way to relax is just snuggling up in bed watching clips on YouTube or going out for meals as food tends to make everything better don’t you agree?

Natalie Xxx

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