Madame Mews Thai Cafe

Within the indoor market on Market Street, Dylan and I went to the #1 Restaurant on TripAdvisor for Aberdeen Madame Mews Thai Cafe. I’ve only been there once before to takeaway the Pad Thai for my mum a couple of years ago.

Dylan and I are weren’t sure of the set up whether or not we had to seat ourselves down or if we were taken to a table, so we stood around for a bit then we were we could view the menus. It was quite busy for the time of day 2pm(ish) on a Wednesday and there only seemed to be one waitress. We noticed the small sign they had for cash only so since Dylan and I never ever carry cash we had to take a detour to an atm. Once we came back we had another look at the menu and we could pick out our seats. Once we sat down we had a look at their menu, and decided what we were going to have. After about 5-10mins the waitress took our drink order- I ordered a Iced Green Tea with Condensed Milk & Dylan ordered a bottle of Fanta Orange.


Chicken Satay with Steamed Jasmine Rice before the rest of our food came

Dylan got his Fanta swiftly enough and there was no sign of the Iced Green Tea, more people arrived to the small restaurant and after another 5 minutes our food order was taken. Dylan and I both chose the Chicken Satay for our starters and Dylan picked the Phad Grapau Chicken with a Fried Egg (the egg was 50p extra) and I picked my favourite of Tom Kha Gai with steamed rice.

The food came quickly enough with the Chicken Satay within 10 minutes and Dylan’s Phad Grapau soon after with my steamed rice followed with my Tom Kha Gai. However there was no sign of my Iced Green Tea, Though I did notice the waitress preparing some drinks at the counter so I hoped that it would come soon. Soon enough my Iced Tea did come but it was not the Iced Green Tea, I did not say anything incase she would take a long time with that one and I was thirsty so I drank it anyway. The Chicken Satay was fine and came with the traditional peanut sauce (but with no pickle sadly) and the Tom Kha Gai was very nice. Dylan didn’t seem to keen on his Phad Grapau Chicken as it was bigger chicken pieces rather than the ground mince like chicken he would usually get.


Phad Grapau Chicken, Large portion size of the typical main courses

The portion size was very large so I was pleased I only got the soup and rice as my main course. Dylan even didn’t finish his main course but we asked it to get packaged up so we could take it home, this was no problem at all.


Tom Kha Gai




For the both of us we were around £25 which was a good price.

Natalie’s Score: Food- 8/10, Very nice food overall- I would of liked the pickle that usually comes with chicken satay but that is me being picky and I would of liked to try the Iced Green Tea.

Natalie’s Score: Service- 7/10, The staff was very nice but I found them more difficult to talk to compared with the Royal Thai Staff as they seemed keen to get to know us. It was getting busier when we were there so maybe the staff got flustered but I wouldn’t put us off going again.

Dylan’s Score: Food-7.5/10, Was alright but the chicken was not as crunchy and crispy as it should be, it lacked authenticity.

Dylan’s Score: Service- 6/10, Was okay but they didn’t really come over as much to be honest and waited quite a bit till we were seen to.

If you’re keen to try this restaurant here is the link to their menu and website.

And check out more reviews here for this restaurant on TripAdvisor.


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