My Top 10 Daily Essentials

1. Clean and Clear Blotting Papers (comes in non fragranced and pink grapefruit scented), I have extremely oily skin and these have absorb the oil without the need for any makeup such as powders. I haven’t seen this particular blotting paper in the UK and I usually stock up when I’m in Thailand from Boots or Watsons. Though I have found it on Amazon for £6.45 with free delivery.


2. A moisturising lip balm(s), at night time before bed I always make sure to thoroughly heavily apply some lip balms so they can work their magic by the time I wake up. I use Vaseline Aloe Vera as a base then Papaya Gold PawPaw on top.


3. A Red Lippy, I love having a red lip, it’s one of the classics and I wont look great if you have chapped lips. My current fav is NYX Monte Carlo Soft Lip Cream.


4. A long lasting fragrance, I’ve been using The Library of Fragrance Jasmine Perfume as it reminds me of Thailand. It lasts ages and I wash my hair every second day and when I was my hair I can still smell it. The Library of Fragrance have so many choices of perfumes from Play-Doh to Caramel to Whiskey Tobacco or even Pizza! Other fragrances that I love are Paul Smith Rose & Jimmy Choo Flash.


5. Rennies, I suffer from really bad acid reflux and heartburn so 2 of Spearmint Rennies do the trick.


6. Clean glasses, for those of you that wear glasses I’m sure you are aware of the annoyance of not being able to see things with crystal clear high definetion through your glasses. These Boots lense wipes are a life saver!


7. A good cleanser, (7, 8 & 9 go hand in hand), for day time I use RJK Perfect Pore-less Scrub & Foam in the shower and for night time I use Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin


8. A good toner, Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Deep Pore Treatment Toner both the Clearasil and the Clean and Clear are blue in colour and have pretty strong scents but they both do their intended jobs.


9. A good moisturiser, for the day I use Garnier Pure Active Matte Control I still get oily throughout the day but I’ve found this moisturiser is one of the better ones I have used. At night time I use Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Gel, it’s very cheap and does the trick.

10. Relaxation, everyone loves to relax in stressful times. I love to wind down by oddly enough playing Candy Crush Soda (sometimes Candy Crush Jelly) until all my lives run out. Its an odd way for me to relax but it does the trick. If that still won’t help and I’m not tired enough I listen to ASMR which is hard to explain but its various soothing noises while a relaxing atmosphere with either no speaking, soft spoken or whispering. If you’re open to a non medicated way to fall asleep or if you have trouble sleeping or relaxing then I suggest you give it a try yourself, it may sound odd at first but it really does help and you’ll 100% need a earphones or a headset. My recommendations are GentleWhispering or Tony Bomboni, though there are many more as it is a growing community on YouTube.

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