Seatbelts are buckled, engine’s a go go

Man oh man I cannot remember what sleep feels like folks.

“Go pee your pants Nat” – quote of the day

So my day yesterday began as follows ladies and gents, I woke up at roughly between 9-11am freezing cause my house is baltic except for being under my cosy covers (I say cosy, you’ve not experienced a cosy bed till you’ve been in nats). I recall having a shower which was fun cause you get to be clean and not honking which is always a plus and I didn’t have something for brekkie because we went into town where the party really starts (no it doesn’t, Aberdeen is a boring city thats dull and grey like 50 shades only think more the grey on a dead pensioner’ forehead).

Town was packed as per so for a 1st we parked in Trinity’s car park. They do theirs based on a one in/one out system which in fairness is good cause means you’ll at least be guaranteed some kind of space. Eventually I found a not too bad spot and executed parking maneuvers to a tight mannor thus squeezing my cars buttocks in cleanly and evenly spaced (sorry went off on a tangent there).

Our main focus was to organise our savings account at the skipton because it had matured, like a vintage wine (personally I don’t like wine except prosecco cause its fizzy bubbles) because we are actually fully fledged adults (christ can you believe it?) and that was done with ease. Glad to know bankers can still do their jobs even during hard economic downturn (dont ask me I’m just using fancy business words)

We had lunch at Barburrito in Union Square next (Quick note: please for the love of god get your backsides to your nearest Barburrito if you know whats good for you). The quality of flavour and taste there is sensational. I had the slow cooked spicy lamb in a superfood burrito, basically means its more veg and apparently 4/5 veg a day, whereas Natalie had pulled pork in a superfood burrito though she stupidly forget to ask for slaw as this is the fundamental thing which makes it supposedly healthier than rice.

I’d give it overall out of 10 a solid 8/10 because it was very busy and they were slow giving us our churros but everything else was great. Natalie would give it 7/10 as its not really the type of restaurants she goes to plus she forgot the slaw which she admits was her fault and she LOVES the churros. <—- Solid Reviewing

After lunch we headed to the bank to take out and also put in some money and Natalie got herself a bubble tea (dont like cold tea plus I’d rather just have a normal cup of tea or at a push peppermint with some honey and lemon: good for a sore throat)

I had to meet up with my mapping group with nat again at the hub on university campus to ensure our proposal forms were okay, which they were though we can’t submit them yet as we havent had a chance to meet up with one of the field advisors cause he’s useless.

This successful mission saw us go to mine for a bit to kill some time, of which I played some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) on my Playstation 1 and Natalie enjoyed some Facebook vids on her phone.

As we both we’re quite full from Barburrito later on Natalie had some jasmine tea and some choc cake and I had some of her mums home cooked thai style veg with some rice which was brilliant. I’m quite biased that Thai food is great and also Thai cooks are also very good as well.

Both of us did some revision which was a bore and as I was working early today couldnt be done with doing a lot of revising so we both just relaxed for the remainder of the night.

I headed home and went to my bed at around 12.15am for a 6am start the following day (3rd December) but was woken up at 12.50am by my dad saying to fetch my mum as she was out with some of her work friends and she had gotten bleazing drunk so wasnt too pleased that this meant less sleep for me (and thats putting it politely).

Following onto the 3rd of December i.e. today I woke up at 5.10am and had some toast with butter though I’d originally intended to have them with Philadelphia herby cheese. This was also accompanied by some Tropicana orange juice which was tasty and orangey (duh).

I was at work 6am-2.30pm with my break 12.30-1.30pm. For my break I had two small Tropicana orange juices, a bottle of water, 2 haggis rolls and a Dairy Milk Oreo. Entertainment came in the form of some of Negan from The Walking Dead’ best moments/quotes and family guy whilst enjoying various songs from my music collection on my phone.

After I finished work I headed home like any normal person does and have done nothing but relaxed since.

For my supper we got a chipper supper (Louise calls it chippy which is daft) from Bluebird (Urqhart Road) which is always decent.

Wee side note: Upon driving home an idiot in a taxi cut me off but later on karma kicked in when the lights changed to red but I managed to take a shortcut to reinstate my position as the leader of that flow (karma works in wonderful ways).

Anyhow thats been my day so enjoy the rest of your day peeps.



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