Engine`s a go go, Groot Groot


Ye olden times to photos with the missus

Well hello there folks, lets get straight down to today`s agenda:

I woke up at 07:15a.m. because I was feeling really ill and was hindering my sleep, also I desperately needed some water for my dry throat and a quick nip to the latrine didn’t go amiss either. I had just stayed my bed watching some clips of episode 7 of season 7 of the walking dead because annoyingly it isn’t out on Amazon Video in the UK until Tuesdays but the laugh of it is, is I’ve probably seen the episode given how much clips I found.

What I hate most about Winter is mainly everything bar Christmas day. The god awful weather, the greater susceptibility to getting ill, the Christmas songs, I dare not say any more.

I`m loving the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, especially baby Groot, it’s so funny when he runs away screaming “I AM GROOOOOOT!!!”. 2017 shall be a good year with heroes like these.

I recall I made myself some scrambled eggs on toast which was tasty, with some water because it’s good for you and before I had my shower I gathered my towel but my cat Ginger loves going under things so she buried herself underneath and refused to come out. Also the plumber came to our house to fix our shower for the christ knows time because it’s not draining properly.

Once showered and less honking I went up to Natalie`s house and went straight under her cosy covers in her bed while she annoyed me by poking me, clapping her hands and making noises for Milo to get him excited (Wee side note: shes getting into Harry Potter again, Christ sake). It was part of their Italian range which was alright for as much as a Domino’s pizza could be and also a Baskin Robbins Ice cream tub of cookie dough s’wich I think it’s called. Overall ratings would be 6/10 from myself and 9/10 from Nat cause she loved the pizza whereas to me it was just an average pizza.

After our din dins for lunch we went down to uni to collect some portfolio work Nat had done and ended up getting stuck in stupid rush hour traffic (cause if Aberdeen is easily memorable by is its stupid rush hour traffic caused by stupid road layouts etc from the Council) and then back up to Nat’s to have her mums cabbage soup which was pretty decent.

Revision has been the main focus for both of us but we are really tired and especially fed up with these upcoming exams for ourselves that we are just struggling for motivation to get through these final days. Not much planned for the rest of the night except more revision so that’s always fun (NOT!!!!)

Stay tuned for more fun filled shenanigans hearty people


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