Food Story Café

Dylan & myself have been ‘trying’ to eat cleaner and healthier as of recently but since most of the chain restaurants within the city this also can include any preservatives, additives, colouring and any other ‘unhealthy’ things that just tend to taste so good but are so bad.

We haven’t tried much independent restaurants in Aberdeen compared with other places as they can be less convenient to get to and we’re not quite sure where these places are. Dylan and I fancied going out for dinner which is our favourite thing to do but to somewhere healthier which wouldn’t have any extra ingredients- enter the Food Story Café.


Sharing Platter- Sea Salted Flatbread, Nacho Chips, Falafel, Rocket, Hummus with Sweet Chilli Jam, Tzatziki, Vegetable Chilli (not in this photo) and a Variety of Different Salads

I’ve heard very optimistic things about Food Story, however I hadn’t been there personally myself. I did mention it quite often to Dylan about going but he never quite got the hint (which tends to happen often) and even showed him the menu and Instagram pictures though the usual response I would get is “It’s just salad” or “The menu looks quite boring” or “There’s not much on the menu”. To be fair the online menu is a bit plain and doesn’t do the place much justice in real life as it does online but that is besides the point…I strategically mentioned this place this particular evening as Dylan has been worried about calories, his weight and healthy eating recently and has been living off salads for the past couple of days (excluding breakfast of course(!)). So bringing up the Food Story Café was ideal as it is vegetarian/vegan/gluten free and basically diet flexible.


Vegetable Chilli that was also included in the Sharing Platter

The outside of this restaurant was lovely in appearance with festive fairy lights which brightened up surrounding area. As we entered we were quite unsure with what we had to do so we kind of just stood around for a bit. A couple in front of us was talking with a waitress about the food so we just assumed that was what was going to happen with us. We asked about a table for 2 which we were told that since it’s more like a café we order up front and take our seats, we were shown what tables were not reserved and shown what specials they had (the specials change every Friday). The salads by the counter looked fresh, colourful and mouthwatering and there were vegan tray bakes by the till which looked so good. As we had never been there before we decided to try the Sharing Platter (£17) which consisted of various salads, sea salted flatbread, falafel, rocket, hummus with a chilli jam, tzatziki, nacho chips and a hot vegetable chilli with rice. The portion was huuuge so we didn’t finish everything but we were able to take the rest home.


White Chocolate Peanut Slice

They didn’t really have desserty things when we were there but from looking at photos on Instagram they do do them but Dylan had a White Chocolate Peanut Slice and I had a Raw Salted Caramel Cake. In hindsight I probably would of liked the vegan brownie better with a nice cozy hot drink.


Raw Salted Caramel Cake

Anyway I think you should give it a try even if you aren’t vegan, vegetarian or gluten intolerant as it shows that not having meat or animal related products in the food that it doesn’t mean that the food wouldn’t be any less enjoyable or any less delicious.

Natalie’s Food Score: 7/10, “The variety of food that they had was larger than what their online menu displays which was a nice surprise. The sharing platter which we shared (obviously) was larger than what we thought we’d get and we ended up doggy bagging the rest of the platter which was fine enough.”

Natalie’s Service Score: 9/10, “Despite it being our first time at the café we were treated well and told how the café works. All the staff was very friendly however where we were seated was where the band were presumably going to perform and the man who had the banjo bashed into us and the poor waitress had to excuse the situation.”

Dylan’s Food Score: 7.5/10, “The falafel was amazing same with the tzatziki but the salads kinda tasted a little bit weird after a couple bits for me personally though that doesn’t mean the food was bad in any way.”

Dylan’s Service Score: 9/10, “The servers were excellent in the service and understanding that this was our 1st time there. The only thing that really irritated me was this idiot guy who was part of the band came up and rudely kept bashing into us and disrupting our meal without saying sorry whereas the server helping him apologised to us but it’s like it’s not her fault that guy was a rude idiot. Other than that great all round.”

Food Store Cafe’s website can be found here.

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