Kicking aff the new year, as you do

Hey hey folks,

So it’s been 4 days since the start of the new year so let’s have a wee catch up shall we…

Myself and Natalie haven’t really been up to much since our last blog entries, I’ve mainly been working and doing some overtime and ol’ Nat has been stressing out about getting her dissertation done. Our degree is a nightmare when it comes to what we’ve got do for our dissertation but I shan’t bore you with the in’s and out’s of what’s involved. Point is she’s working like a trooper and that’s the main thing (on a wee side note: she’s given her room a good clean and its quite impressive, she’s even got herself a new printer put in her room too which is pretty decent).

We both had a good new year for once as normally Natalie and I usual argue about something and it puts a dampener on our spirits for the bells (though to make up for it we did argue at christmas, whose perfect eh?). I pretty much had a good nap right up till the countdown for 2017 cause I’m old (not really, just love to sleep, incidently my favourite animal is a sloth so there’s that similarity for a side note). Not a clue what Natalie was up to while I slept but I’d imagine she was playing around with her dog, Milo or enjoying her café game (don’t know it’s name but yeah hey ho).

We’d seen a pretty good David Attenborough programme to do with the Natural History Museum in London (who doesn’t love a bit of Attenborough, I knew a guy in college when I did college before uni who used to say he was suprised David Attenborough wasn’t in a list for top sexiest men. Though in fairness this same guy also had a friend who owned a duck called Tuquack, wee reference to the r&b TuPac). It was decent and incidently you got shown dippy the dinosaur, who was on the news today about how it’s going on tour. They also showed you what a giant sloth looked like which looked sooo amazing (I really really love sloths).

Within the next week or so we should both get our exam results back and we’re just praying to whatever divine intervention that we’ve both passed them all (Natalie stupidly cannot resit any of her courses in 4th year so can’t and afford to fail and one of my 3rd year courses was an absolute nightmare of an exam that I feel like I wanna have an anxiety/panic attack from just the thought of having to resit it).

Christmas dinner was a barrel of laughs as Natalie and I made steak for my Christmas dinner and we made the steak and peppercorn sauce too peppery so wasn’t good to eat (though weirdly enough any leftovers on boxing day, when Natalie’s mum cooked it it was actually pretty good, though Nat’s mum is an awesome cook). If you’re interested, Natalie and her family had roast duck for their Christmas din dins.


The steak in question


I’m not that into the festive season, not that you could tell from this photo

Recently when we’ve been walking Natalie’s dogs, Milo and Leo, around her area, the dog waste bins have been extremely overfilled, to the point where the dog poop bags are genuinely scattered all around the surrounding bins. It’s seriously ridiculous cause if a pensioner or some kid were clumsy enough to fall and trip on them they’d get covered in dogs dirt and it’s not a welcoming sight to say the least. Reminds me of a time when I was little and my parents took me to the park and I’d fallen on dogs dirt and cut myself in the process, getting a blood infection and almost dying from it had my dad not noticed some discoloured veins in my left arm at the time (good ol dad).


Look at the mess the council are too lazy to come clean

Milo recently has been getting back into his laser pointer toy (it’s actually for cats but he’s daft and sometimes acts like a cat, to be honest he acts like a dog/cat/human baby its difficult sometimes to tell what he is on a daily basis). He just goes berserk for it, can’t get enough of chasing the light all around the house. I like to think our pets get their nature’s off of us, if not partially cause my cat behaves like me sometimes.


Ginger’s (my cat, yes she’s black and white and called ginger) new favourite home. It got chucked pretty quickly to say the least


Milo having one of his famous lie downs in his usual pose

I absolutely cannot without a doubt wait for some warmer weather to come over the next few months. I really hate the cold in general (except for when I’m having a cold drink, then it’s fine). Having said that I’m also not a huge huge fan when it gets too hot either, so can’t win unless it’s just right.

I’ve recently taken to leaving Natalie’s house later and later to the point where it’ll be like between say 1-1.30am before I’ll end up leaving (the reason is because I love being in Natalie’s bed cause it’s just incredible, like everything about it from the mattress to the covers etc is perfect).

It was my dad’s 63rd birthday on the 3rd of January so as my mum was working Natalie and I took him to tgis for a meal out. Natalie and I didn’t have a starter though my dad had the chicken strips to start. Then he has the bruce lee burger,  I think, Natalie had the jack daniels chicken strips with sweet potato fries, I think and I’d had the jack daniels burger with just regular fries. It was alright as can be I suppose. If I recall correctly, Natalie and I had went to Equis ice cream shop to get something desserty on the way home after dropping my dad off as we’re not big/fond of the quality and range of desserts you get a tgis. Natalie had gotten a two scoop tub of raspberry sorbet and turkish delight whereas I’d gotten a two scoop tub of white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake with raspberry swirl ice cream. Top notch stuff.

The following day was my mums day off her work so she took us as a kind of meal out, including her this time to thaikhun. I love thai food, especially as well as Natalie’s mum is thai so I can often get to sample thai cuisine whenever she cooks some of her delicious thai food at home. Both Natalie and I had gai satay (chicken satay) with a peanut sauce I believe which was excellent. My dad had pork skewers and my mum had something that was pork though we hadn’t a clue. For our mains I had kra pow (minced chicken with basil and chillies and rice with an egg on top of the rice), Natalie had chicken noodles though I dont recall what it’s name was so forgive me if im wrong. Sadly cannot remember what the parents had but afterwards they had a coffee like the usually do after a meal out and overall was superb. The only thing that irked me was the server called YoYo (I kid you not, that was her name. Typically thai people often are given nicknames to shorten their long names to make it more simple). The reasons why she was annoying was down to her constant eyeing us up when we were trying to eat our meal, best way to think of it is like an eagle eyeing up its prey. Not to mention her constant questioning of was everything we had eaten being ok (like I get why they ask this but when you’re asking a billion times it just gets really frustrating when you’re trying to eat at the end of the day). The final thing that bothered me was how she kinda talked to us like we were thick in the respect that we didn’t know how to speak any thai but we do (That’s me just being nit picky cause I know not everyone can speak thai).

Today (5th January, 2017) I’ve not really been productive or done much really as I’ve mostly been relaxing in my bedroom enjoying a day off work (enjoyed a long lie-in this morning cause I was working 7am-4pm yesterday so was pretty tired last night). I headed up to Natalie’s late afternoon and took her dogs on a walk around the park/field area near hers and thats when I’d had enough with the dog waste bins near hers that I’d put in a complaint to the council (our council are the most useless, incompetent bunch of idiot’s you’ll ever come across). Natalie’s been working on her dissertation most of today and she’s also working today so I took her to work and do plan to pick her up once she’s finished, spending some time with her hopefully.

Other than that nothing else to report on the time gone by, so in the meantime all the best and keep staying tuned folks!



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