Where have I been?

So you haven’t heard from me a long long long while, my apologies. Let me explain to you about where I’ve been and what’s been happening.

I graduated from the University of Aberdeen on the 21st June last year. Shortly afterwards I had spent the majority of July revisiting Elgol, the Isle of Skye helping Dylan with his mapping project as it was his last year of university which he is now a graduate with a 2:1.


Dylan’s Graduation this year with his friends Bro (Broderick), Marien & Ibrahim

Dylan and I also went to Sorrento, Italy for our first holiday abroad in August 2017 without our respective parents which was great but we got fed up of the repetitive foods and stalls (there’s only so much pasta and pizza you can eat!). We saw Pompeii and climbed Mount Vesuvius (including spending €65 on some pretty rocks).


Mount Vesuvius in the background of Pompeii

I had also been job hunting for a full time job but unfortunately I had no luck but I had  my part time job at Boots which I napped a lot of overtime since it was coming up to the Christmas period.

I had decided to give studying a break and figure out what I wanted to do with my life career wise and where I wanted to be.

Moving on to this year…Its been a fast year and everything has happened at once!

After having the contraceptive implant in for 3 years we decided to not carry on with it until my body had flushed away the hormones in hope of me losing some weight and having regular periods too. We had talked about trying for a baby and we were told by the doctor when my implant came out it could take 6-8 months to flush away the hormones so we ‘actively/non- actively’ started to try in December and we thought ‘oh if it happens, it happens’ and then we found out on the 1st January 2018 that we’re expecting!

12 week scan of Baba!

12 Week Scan: Wee fingers and an active baby!


I’m now 36+2 weeks and we’re expecting an active little boy who is due on 09/09/2018 (though we think he’ll be earlier as he’s measuring at 40 weeks!). I figured since I’m away to go on maternity leave this would (or maybe wouldn’t) be the best time to restart blogging especially since I’ll probably have a lot more to talk about in the coming months, years etc.

On top of finding out we’re expecting we also both moved out from our parents and now living together in preparation for our new arrival and Dylan has started a new job for CAN Group as a technical assistant!

Next post will probably be about the pregnancy journey!

All the best,



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